Community Short Courses

Between 2 and 15 days
See list - various short courses
between 5 and 10 credits

Community short course offerings are a collection of different module based courses designed to address specific areas of capacity and with a general aim of development. They use as standards a collection of different unit standards from relevant SETA based qualifications or are purpose designed non credit bearing offerings. These courses are run on demand usually on a project basis. Credit bearing components are subject to MOUs with relevant SETAs. This will generally require a 3 to 6 month lead time for accredited implementation and to develop specific materials for learners.

Short Course NQF Credit Duration Days
Community Safety And Liaison 3 5 3 Days
Democracy And Development Planning 3 5 5 (5x1day)
Entrepreneurship 3 10 6 (2x3days)
Community Development 4 10 6 (3x2days)
Know Your Rights (Gender And Family) 3 5 2 Days
Know Your Rights (Consumer) 3 5 2 Days
Know Your Rights (Property) 3 5 2 Days
Know Your Rights (Democracy) 3 5 2 Days
Community Research 4 10 6 (3x2days)
Activism And Development 3 5 5 Days
Legal Support 5 10 10 2x5days
Ward Councilor Training 15 3x5days


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to promote debates on working class perspectives on a range of issues


worker and community leaders through providing educational opportunities


by challenging the current dominant/formal educational practices


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