Higher Certificate in Community Development (HCCD)

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Upon successful finalisation of discussions with the Durban University of Technology (DUT) the Workers College will be reintroducing the 1 year certificate in community development. This qualification covers the theories and practice of community development at a lan NQF level 5 and articulates with a number of DUT qualifications and also the development of the  paralegal training diploma for community advice centres to be introduced in 2018.

The qualification is intended for those active at a community level, who may engage on development issues or work in a field such as local government or education where community development has an important focus.

This certificate will be conducted in a series of five (5) modules which will be conducted in blocks The conceptualisation of the higher certificate, the structure and design of the first module is An Introduction to Community Development, aimed at introducing learners to theories and approaches of community development and helping them to contextualise these to the historical and current South African and global development environment.

It also highlights the realities and experiences in their communities, organisations and workplaces; seeks to link community organising and labour organising; community work and trade union work; in order to heighten the participants’ awareness of the broader historical and current realities, social structures, institutions and organisations that impact upon their roles as activists and advocates of transformation at the workplace, in the community, and at the broader socio-economic and political level locally and globally.

From these processes flows a broad understanding of the development discourse and the development of the critical ability and foundational skills to respond to the world in a meaningful way.

The overall development goal is to provide learners an opportunity to explore the form, purpose and process of community development for social change and its link to the struggle for workplace democracy and worker-control.

This will be a funded programme and subject to the same rules and entrance as funded programmes covered in this prospectus.


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