Intermediate Trade Union History, organising activism and leadership for shop stewards (ITUHOALSS)

9 months


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Intermediate Trade union history, organising activism and leadership for shop stewards

This programme builds on the principles of trade unionism derived from an analysis of trade union history, and applies these principles to the practice of leadership, organising and activism in a trade union context.

This programme articulates with the Labour Studies diploma (LSD) offering three accredited modules from this qualification.

The programme is aimed at shop stewards with some experience. It gives an in depth analysis of the trade union movement and the theory of trade unions and organisation. The organising and campaigning module develops these skills and has a practical component. Leadership and planning covers the practical skills involved in organisational leadership. It focuses on the nature and types of leadership and leadership development whilst at the same time provides the tools for effective planning, monitoring and evaluations and strategic development for application at various levels in the trade union movement and workplace..

Dates: July-October 2017

Registration cost: R1 500

Fees payment: R1 640 per module (x3) due before the commencement of the module

The programme can be run for individual unions and tailored to develop specific organising or other forms of campaign. In such instances the college can cost to an overall programme price for the union and not the individual based price.

Minimum numbers of applications must be reached in order for the programme to run on the indicated dates. In this instance the minimum number is 16 learners.

Applications must be submitted by 25 February 2017


Intermediate Trade union history, organising activism and leadership for shop stewards

Module Attendance Days Additional study hours NQF Credits Qualification Running dates
(HTU11) History and Theory of Trade Unions


5 110 5 16 LSD 13-17/3/2017
(OCD12) Organising and campaigning for democratic organisations

(includes 80 hours of workplace experiential learning)

5 110 5 16 LSD 8-12/5/2017
(LPD12) Leadership and planning for democratic organisations 3 56 5 8 LSD 3-5/7/2017
Portfolio of evidence development for additional unit standard alignment 3 5 8 TBA

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