Advanced Certificate in Labour Law (ACLL)

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Advanced Certificate in Labour Law (ACLL)

This Advanced certificate is intended for senior or full time shop stewards and trade unions officials who deal with disputes and appear or will appear in the CCMA and Labour Court. There is an RPL assessment and competency entrance test. An RPL advisor can also assist in developing a POE for module credits.

The course focuses on the substantive, procedural and juris prudence element of labour law and includes the elements of common law, legal pleading and authoring legal documents and the political economy of labour law as a contextual element including analysis of tripartite framework.

The course articulates with the labour studies diploma. Political Economy Elements. 3 of the modules of the certificate are included in the Labour studies diploma and the political economy elements of the labour studies diploma are complimented by this certificate.

The certificate can be used to gain access to the IWLP Degree programme. 50% pass.

The qualification can be completed in one year full time and two years part time. The qualification may be developed into an advanced diploma L7 with a stronger policy focus in the second year.

This is a 128 credit Level 6 Advanced Certificate.

Lectures are compulsory and a minimum attendance of CCMA Labour Court, Magistrates and High court proceedings a requirement

This is a one year qualification that runs through evening classes. Lectures take place on four evenings a week running from 6-8pm

Exams take place on a Saturday

Venue: To be announced

Dates: June 2017 – June 2018

Registration cost: R1 500

Semester cost: R6 159 (5% discount)

Quarter cost: R3 241

Applications must be submitted by 10 April 2017

Minimum numbers of applications must be reached in order for the programme to run on the indicated dates. In this instance the minimum number is 17 learners.

Advanced Certificate in Labour Law

Module Name NQF Credits Notional hours Compulsory/Optional Running Dates
(SAL11) Introduction to the South African legal framework 6 16 160 Compulsory 5/6-14/7/2017
(ILL12) Individual Labour Law 6 16 160 Compulsory 25/7-25/8/2017
(CLL12) Collective Labour Law 6 16 160 Compulsory 5/9/- 6/10/2017
(ULP11) Law and Theory of Unfair Labour Practice 6 16 160 Compulsory 17/10-10/11/2017
Subtotal   64 640    
(UDL12) Law and Theory of Unfair Dismissal 6 16 160 Compulsory 22/1/-16/2/2018
(CCMA12) CCMA rules 6 8 80 Compulsory 26/2-30/3/2018
(LCR12) Labour court rules 6 8 80 Compulsory 26/2-30/3/2018
(ELM12) Theory and practice of evidence in labour matters 6 16 160 Compulsory 11/4/-5/5/2018
 (RLD12) Relief in labour disputes 6 16 160 Compulsory 17/5/-27/6/2018
Totals 128 1280    

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