Advanced Shop Stewards Representation Programme (ASSRP)

9 months


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Advanced Shop Stewards Representation Programme (ASSRP)

The Advanced shop steward’s representation programme is intended for shop stewards actively representing workers in disciplinary proceedings and at collective bargaining forums. It has practical elements and requires union participation in designating an experienced shop steward or official to mentor the learner who accompanies the individual to collective bargaining and or representation forums.

The programme has component modules from the Labour studies Diploma (LSD) and Labour Studies Certificate(LSC) These are credit bearing modules and learners must submit assignments and sit exams as per module requirements to earn the credits.

The programme offers a balance of theory and practice in the main areas of representation.


Classes are limited to 25 participants

This is a block format programme and lectures generally run from 8.30am to 5 pm.

This programme will be repeated in 2017

Dates: February -June 2017

June -November 2017

Registration cost: R1 500

Fees payment 1: R3 960 (prior to the first credit bearing module)

Fees payment 2: R3 960 (prior to the third credit bearing module)

Applications must be submitted by 15vfebruary March 2017

Applications for the second round of the programme to be submitted by 1 June 2017


 Advanced Shop Stewards Representation Programme

Module Name Attendance Days Additional study hours NQF Credits Qualification Running dates
CCMA Overview and how best to use the CCMA and the Law 1 NCB 23/2/2017
(FLL) Fundamentals of Labour Law for trade unions 6 120 5 20 LSC 22-24/3/2017


CCMA (unfair discrimination and equal pay for equal work) 1 NCB 13/4/2017
(WRD12) Worker representation in discipline and grievance procedures (incl. 80 hours experiential learning) 5 120 5 16 LSD 15-19/5/2017
(CBT12) Collective Bargaining Theory and Practice

(includes 100 hours work placement)

5 120 16 LSD 17-21/7/2017
CCMA (operational requirements and lay off scheme) 1 NCB 8/6/2017

NCB is Non Credit Bearing. There are class assignments and examinations for credit bearing modules. Minimum numbers of applications must be reached in order for the programme to run on the indicated dates. In this instance the minimum number is 16 learners.  This programme will run twice in 2017. Dates TBA for the June-November programme

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