The Workers’ College provides the following types of On-Demand courses:

Shop Steward Short Courses

These short courses are largely based on QCTO draft Trade union Practice qualification. Unions can arrange for such programmes to be run in house or at the College venue. As opposed to the non funded programmes these are not scheduled and generally will be run for a specific trade union. As such contents can be customised to a particular union or industry environment. No entrance assessment is necessary although RPL processes are offered for credit approval.

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Community Focused Programmes

Higher Certificate in Community Development (HCCD)

Upon successful finalisation of discussions with the Durban University of Technology (DUT) the Workers College will be reintroducing the 1 year certificate in community development. This qualification covers the theories and practice of community development at a lan NQF level 5 and articulates with a number of DUT qualifications and also the development of the paralegal training diploma for community advice centres to be introduced in 2018.

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Community Short Courses

Community short course offerings are a collection of different module based courses designed to address specific areas of capacity and with a general aim of development. They use as standards a collection of different unit standards from relevant SETA based qualifications or are purpose designed non credit bearing offerings. These courses are run on demand usually on a project basis. Credit bearing components are subject to MOUs with relevant SETAs. This will generally require a 3 to 6 month lead time for accredited implementation and to develop specific materials for learners.

  Community Focused Programmes …